Computerised embroidery and sewing machine

Sewing speed :650rpm

Scope of stitch :0-4mm

Built in sewing design:160

Reverse sewing function:support

Double needle double thread :support

Button hole/button sewing:yes

Stitch mirror:yes

Stitch combo:yes

Embroidery area:235by 100mm

Built in embroidery design:96

Built-in letters/figures/borders:yes

Custom pattern input:USB

Pattern zoom/rotate/mirror/pan:yes

Letter/pattern combination:yes

Thread color display:yes

Pattern background/color effect editing:yes

Embroidery progress:real time tracking 

Fast forward/back off embroidery:support

Automatic trimming:yes

Automatic winding (spindle):yes

Touch panel LCD:yes

Break thread detection:yes 

Power :45w

Storage capabilities:supports 700 pattern storage 

Net weight:8.5/12kg

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